Client Relationship

For any business, the “perfect” client is someone who knows exactly what they want, is willing to spend their unlimited budget to get it, and if the client is a couple, they agree on everything.

Yes, this is the perfect client – and after 26 years, we are still waiting to be blessed with one!

In the real world, people need help in determining what to build.

Most people have a budget they must work within and those with seemingly unlimited budgets didn’t acquire or keep those monies by being frivolous.  And no matter how much love two people have for each other, they can have very different ideas and tastes which is probably what attracted them to each other in the first place.   The spice of life.

At Signature Dream Homes, we serve real people in a real world.  We listen to you, understand your desires and needs, and act as a sounding board if you are having a hard time envisioning your dream.  We work with your architect’s designs or can design your dream for you.  We help you make wise choices as to what to include within the scope of your project and then build your dream using the most sustainable and value-oriented building materials and methods.

Our Ideal Client:

  1. Needs a truly professional builder to construct their Custom Home, Addition, Renovation, or Accessory Building.
  2. Is willing to be realistic about what their budget will allow them to build in their area regardless of the size of their project.
  3. Is willing to be involved. A successful building venture is always a collaborative effort. The ideal client recognizes that we are all part of the same team striving towards the same goal. We each have a different role to play and all of them are important for a positive end result.
  4. Recognizes the importance of and wisdom for upfront planning which includes spending the monies for good Architectural Design and Specifications Development. The opposite of penny-wise and pound-foolish.
  5. Most importantly, the Ideal Client is willing to listen, to trust, and to be as honest with us as we are with them so that we can deliver the most of, or all of, what they are dreaming of.

We look forward to serving you.